Template:No Chinese documentation This template specifies in a structured form the particulars of a marriage: the names of the spouses, the period of the marriage, and the location of the ceremony where the two were joined. If the individuals specified in the template consider themselves to be in a marriage as defined in the article Marriage, then this template is applicable.



本模板{{marriage}}通常用於信息框內,例如{{Infobox person}}的「spouse 」(配偶)項,但是也可以用於條目內任何地方。

{{marriage |[[John Doe|Jane Doe]] |1 January 1895 |December 31, 1905}}
{{marriage |[[John Doe|Jane Doe]] |1895-01-01 |1905-12-31}}
{{marriage |Fred Smith |()=smaller |2010}}
{{marriage |Jack Ripper |1885 |July 27, 1888 |reason=w.}}
{{marriage |Jack Ripper |1885 |1888-07-27 |reason=w.}}
{{marriage|()=small |Frank Lee & Aynee Text |2002 |2013}}



{{marriage( |()= ) | [Text]  | [start date]  | [end date]  ( |reason= )}}

參數 預設
選填 show If present this text is displayed in place of anything else.
必填 1 該人的配偶名字。Alias parameter: "spouse".
必填 2 結婚日期。Alias parameter: "date".
選填 3 婚姻終結日期(離婚或其中一方去世)。Alias parameter: "end".
選填 reason 終結原因。Should be one of 離婚("divorced") or 喪偶("widowed").



The typical use of {{marriage}} is to specify a spouse in an article. See: Joseph Needham, spouse parameter:

{{marriage|Lu Gwei-Djen|1989|1991}}
Lu Gwei-Djen(1989年-1991年結婚)

Full dates are supported in any format with standard output as years only

{{marriage|Michelle Obama|October 3, 1992}}
Michelle Obama1992年結婚)

{{marriage|Michelle Obama|1992-10-03|1995-06-06|reason=divorced}}
Michelle Obama1992年結婚;1995年離婚)

Example demonstrating multiple options:

{{marriage|Michelle Obama|October 3, 1992|show=[[Michelle Obama]] <small>(m. 1992)</small>}}

produces Michelle Obama (m. 1992)