Import Beta to zh wikiversity


Hello I am a beta custodianship. I want to assist with the import work. May I grant my custodianship and import permissions? --Wasami007讨论2018年8月7日 (二) 23:40 (UTC)回复

User:Wasami007: m:Steward_requests/Permissions#Wasami007@zhwikiversity.--GZWDer讨论2018年8月7日 (二) 23:48 (UTC)回复
Thank you.I have to hard works.--Wasami007讨论2018年8月8日 (三) 05:32 (UTC)回复
discussion is moved to Wikiversity:申請成為清潔員.--GZWDer讨论2018年8月8日 (三) 09:57 (UTC)回复

Main Page weirdness


I guess you should take a look at User talk:GZWDer#Page move (which is not really well-named anymore — you'll see why as you read my remarks there). I'm not sure what GZWDer knows, so you may be more likely to be able to answer my final question there. I'm not sure… - dcljr讨论2018年8月8日 (三) 00:43 (UTC)回复

Import right


As there're many pages directly copied without proper attribution, can you give me temporary import rights until September 30? (please response at m:Steward_requests/Permissions#GZWDer@zhwikiversity)--GZWDer讨论2018年8月8日 (三) 19:16 (UTC)回复

Where, please, are these pages? --MF-Warburg讨论2018年8月8日 (三) 20:55 (UTC)回复
See here.--GZWDer讨论2018年8月8日 (三) 21:03 (UTC)回复
And why should you import them without community consultation? I see you were meanwhile given import rights but without a reference to community consensus. --MF-Warburg讨论2018年8月8日 (三) 21:11 (UTC)回复
The request of import flag is at Wikiversity:互助客栈#申请临时导入者; many users just copy templates and modules from Wikipedia (as import is not possible), and I am going to import the full page history of these pages.--GZWDer讨论2018年8月8日 (三) 21:15 (UTC)回复